Are you looking for a new technical writer?

I’m current seeking new full-time opportunities in the Northern Virginia area or that I can work from my home office. Check out my LinkedIn profile or my resume below.

Seeking new technical writing projects

I’m currently seeking new technical writing projects starting in June 2016. Check out my LinkedIn Profile for more information about my background and writing samples.

My resume is also available on SlideShare:

Finding a new writing haunt

602704_71703498There are times when I need to break out of my home office to get things done. It usually happens when the solitude (or maybe the mess) of my home office gets to be too much. So during the past two years, I’ve tried a number of places close by my house in Northern Virginia including:

  • Starbucks is fine for short bursts but I’m not a coffee drinker. I do love their hot chocolate though making it more of a fall/winter place for my writing.
  • Panera can be a productive place for me especially on Saturdays in the fall and winter. During the summer
  • McDonalds never made the list because I’m still scarred from reading Fast Food Nation.

To me, the perfect writing haunt includes good Wi-Fi and activity. My favorite area right now seems to be the Mosaic District with its large Panera and other wonderful lunchtime options. One of the bigger mistakes I made in 2012 when I returned to freelancing was spending too much time by myself in my home office. With all remote clients, much of my communications were via email and group chat.

What makes a good writing haunt for you?

Image by user: soopahtoe